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Designer Spotlight: Interview with MoGraph & Branding Designer Fraser Davidson

Today we have a new designer spotlight, where we interview and feature a member of the design and development community. In this installment, we shine that light on talented motion graphic designer and sports branding specialist Fraser Davidson. If you are not familiar with his work, then you are in for quite a treat (and just might find that you have seen some of his designs around the web before.

In his own words, Fraser is:

“An award winning London based, freelance Motion Graphic Designer, Animator and Director. He was previously Head of Motion Graphics at Mainframe, a Motion Graphics, VFX & Animation House.

Graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Graphic Design, Fraser has six years experience creating advertising, music videos and channel branding across many media. Fraser has had his work featured in a number of publications and has collected three International Promax Awards.

He is the writer and director of the multi-award winning Youtube series ‘The Alternative Rugby Commentary’ and has collaborated on projects with Australian comedian, Tim Minchin. These include animated short, ‘Popesong’ and the BAFTA nominated animation for his nine minute beat poem ‘Storm’. Directed by DC Turner and Produced by Tracy King”.


How To Keep Up To Date As A Designer

Coffee Time

In this world of lightening fast development, professionals can find it hard to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest. Similarly, some designers who wish to stay updated, just don’t really know how to go about it.

A Collection of Innovative and Inspiring Typography

Desire Typography

Typography is the art or technique of arranging type. It’s a broad medium, covering areas such as typeface selection, line length, line spacing, kerning, tracking, and of course wider design features such as color, lighting etc…

Typography is a growing phenomenon amongst graphic designers, many of whom have gone beyond the basic placement of lettering, and turned typography pieces into their own works of art. Often typography designs feature elements of photo manipulation, light effects and even 3D elements. Today we bring you a collection of highly inspiring typography designs, showing just how far the medium can be pushed. These pieces are all works of art in their own right, and we encourage you to go and check out each artist’s portfolio.

Interview With Mostafa Nassar

Interview With Mostafa NassarToday we bring you an interview with talented Canadian digital artist Mostafa Nassar. His unique paintings feature a lot of dark and horror themes that he feels have endless possibilities. In out interview we discuss many topics ranging from the equipment he uses to why he decided to start painting. Be sure to check out this great interview.

The biggest freelance mistakes… and how to avoid them!

Surly bosses, packed mass transit, office politics — all anathema to your self-employed lifestyle. The following tips by Matt Schiffman will teach you how to stay independent and avoid some common mistakes related to freelancing

The cube-farm mentality of workmanship is slowly coming to an end. A new era of productivity in the information age is encouraging impermanent collaboration between skilled professionals and businesses. Your ability to spot this professional trend and being on the bleeding edge of your trade is why you became a freelancer — or you got laid off and didn’t really have a choice.

Either way, controlling your professional destiny is now part of what defines your career. You have a chance to carve out a great niche in your industry and be at the top of your game. However, a few untimely slip-ups could cause you to lose the latitude, independence and professional freedom you’ve become accustomed to. Some not-so-obvious blunders could land you right back in the nine-to-five daily grind or, even worse, with no gig at all.

In this article I’m going to share with you some of my most glaring freelancing mistakes so you can avoid making them. Now on to it…

35 Photoshop Tutorials for Website Layouts

Design a Textured Outdoors Website in Photoshop

Most web designers use Photoshop to create the visual design before moving on to coding the site. There is an excellent selection of tutorials available that show the process of designing sites/pages in Photoshop, and if you are looking to learn more or improve your skills in this area, these tutorials can be very helpful. In this post we’ll link to 35 quality tutorials for creating layouts in Photoshop.

The Value of Education in Design

Education In Design

We have software! Who needs skills?

Unfortunately, far too many aspiring designers get caught up in the dreamy ideals ofdo-it-yourself career building and try to throw themselves into the design world. They spend thousands of dollars on high-end design software and equipment, thinking that only these tools and their determination (and perhaps a little help from blogs and other internet educational resources) will allow them to stand toe to toe with the design giants of the internet.